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oh, how iconic...

icons by liz

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icons, resources, and other fannish works by surrexi

isn't it iconic
Welcome to How Iconic, where I post my icons, fanmixes, and fanvids as well as the occasional tutorial or resource. There's a lot of Doctor Who here, but I usually manage to cover several other fandoms as well. You are welcome to join the community or simply watch it if you are so inclined; no posts will ever be friends-locked in this community.
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Comments are very much appreciated, and I would prefer if you would credit either my personal journal (surrexi) or this journal (how_iconic) in the comments/keywords if you use any of my icons. I also ask that you do not customize any of the icons yourself, just comment to the post and ask, and I will customize it for you. Please do not hotlink or redistribute any of the graphics or other content posted here.
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etc: my fic can be found at quite like hope, and I can be found spouting randomness on twitter. I also occasionally go on a tumblr kick, and you can check out my listening habits at last.fm.
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